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T-Com Cabling Systems,Inc. is a full service cabling company with over thirty years experience in the voice and data cabling industry. A Iona Pinnicle , Inc Company.
Our geographic range is from Maryland Southward to the state of Virginia. T-Com Cabling Systems, Inc. provides quality engineering and installation of category 5E, 6 and fiber optic cable plant systems to support a wide variety of voice and data applications, such as LAN, WAN, PBX and Key systems. Systems can be installed in new construction, renovations, existing office space and campus environments.
Certified on many of the leading cabling systems and Network equipment. T-Com Cabling Systems, Inc. performs comprehensive testing on all installations and certifies its Enhanced category-five cable plants for 25 years and lifetime on workmanship.
We have completed over 20,000  voice and data cabling projects. Providing both Enhanced Category 5e and fiber optic solutions to our customers, in and around Virginia.

What can T-com cabling Systems,Inc. provide your organization? We custom design, install, and maintain hardware and software solutions for peer to peer and server-based networks. Our data networking formats include Cat 5, Cat 6,6a  and fiber optics as well as Cat 3, Cat 5e, and Cat 6a voice networking formats.
From small businesses to multiple facility corporations, T-com Cabling Systems, Inc. provides Error-free cabling, and services that enable your organization's voice and data network to operate efficiently at an affordable cost. T-com Cabling  Systems,INC. custom designs and installs high bandwidth premise infrastructures, allowing you the flexibility to modify or expand your systems. .